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Translate Google Ads Campaigns?

Do you want your Google Ads campaigns and text ads translated? That's possible. But if you really want to score with your international ad campaign, you'll have to have your Google Ads campaign localized.

Translate vs. localize

Translation is the process of transforming a text written in one language into another, while retaining the same meaning. Localization goes beyond translation. The text is adapted to the needs and expectations of a specific target group.

Localization of advertising campaigns

People who speak a different language will not use the same terms that Dutch people use when searching online. In the Netherlands we search for 'cake' while in Spain they use the keyword 'torta'. But are you going to advertise in Mexico? There a 'torta' is a typical white Mexican sandwich with meat. Instead of 'torta' they will use 'pastel' when they are searching for pie. You need to know the correct terms and keywords of your target group in other countries and apply them in the translation.

Length of words

When creating ad texts, you must take into account the length of your description and headlines. When a text is translated into another language, the translation is usually longer than the original. Therefore, when translating Google Ads campaigns, you should always keep the following requirements in mind:

  • 3 heads of up to 30 characters each
  • 2 descriptions of 90 characters each

Keyword search

Before you have your text ads translated, you need to understand how people search for your product or service.

A literal translation of your keywords is therefore not sufficient.

The words might match, but do you really want to use Google Ads abroad? Let an online marketing specialist help you set up a good keyword search. This applies to every new target group you want to focus on. Are you going to advertise in France, Germany and Spain? Then you need three different keyword surveys.

Two-in-one: Translate Google Ads campaigns works with a professional online marketing agency and experienced Google Ads translators, so we can help you with the entire translation and localization process. Our translators have years of experience in translating text ads. They also have the creativity to get your message across in another language.

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