The coronavirus: a barrier to the translation industry?

The coronavirus. We can't ignore it today. Every day, new infections appear in more and more countries. The virus also plays a major role in Europe: as a precaution, restaurants and schools are closed and many flights have been cancelled. The government and specialised agencies advise to stay indoors as much as possible and, if possible, to work from home. This has major consequences for almost every sector, including possibly the translation industry.

Global crisis

Many different companies have been affected by the effects of the virus and this could lead to a major global crisis. Currently it is mainly companies such as travel agencies, museums, airlines and transport companies that are affected. The stock markets have fallen by about 20% in two weeks and by the end of February the stock markets had their worst week since 2008. It is also uncertain whether the European Football Championship, the Olympic Games and Formula 1 will take place.

Our translators works with translators all over the world. For assignments we receive, we work exclusively with native speaking translators. These are translators who translate into their native language, which means that they do not always live in Europe. In every country affected by the virus, the situation is different and different rules apply. In general the translators work from home. But the translators also have to go shopping or walk the dog and there is a chance that they, like everyone else, catch the virus. has a large network, so we have several translators for each language combination. Chances are small that the translation orders will be delayed, but not entirely excluded. Should some of our project managers experience limitations, it is possible that the delivery of a translation will take a little more time. Should this occur, we rely on your understanding.

We are happy to help!

Despite the corona crisis, we remain 100% committed to delivering the best translations. With more than 40 years of experience, an ISO-17100 certificate, our collaboration with native speaking translators, fast delivery and high quality guarantee, your translation job is in good hands with us.

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