Technical translations

Experienced translators specialised in the subject matter

Technical expertise Technical translation office

Technical translations are specialist work: it calls on the translator's specific technical expertise. All our technical translators are native speakers with years of experience in translating technical documents.

We work with specialist technical translators

  • Native-speaking technical translators with a technical background
  • First ISO 17100-certified translation agency in the Netherlands!
  • Always checked by a second linguist
  • Translations into more than 35 languages

Specialist area

We take care of all conceivable technical translation assignments for businesses and governments, including:

  • Assembly manuals

  • Tenders

  • Health and safety documents

  • Environmental impact assessments

  • Regulations and working instructions

  • Product sheets and specifications

  • Guidelines

  • Transport documents

  • Safety sheets

Technical companies Translating technical documents

Translating technical documents requires a completely different approach than the translation of literary texts, for example. We regularly work with companies that require specific technical texts and have been able to build a large database of regular customers in the process.


Urgent translations on a daily basis

Our extensive network of professional and experienced translators are there whenever you need them. Feel free to ask us for your translations from and into all languages, even if you’re in a hurry.

We deliver urgent translations at lightning speed.

  • Professional native-speaking translators

  • First ISO 17100-certified translation agency in the Netherlands!

  • Always checked by a second linguist, even for urgent translations

  • Translations into more than 35 languages


Culture, sensitivities, technique and local language

Localisation means converting text to local conditions. Think of culture, sensitivities, technique and local language use in another country or region. Your text will be adapted to the needs and expectations of your foreign target group.

Translation areas
We localise many types of texts, including:

  • Contracts

  • Websites

  • Applications

  • Software

  • Manuals

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