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Sworn translations for all languauges

Declaration, stamp and signature Translation agency for sworn translations

Translationwork.eu also offers sworn translations. Our translators provide the sworn translation with a declaration, stamp and signature. They are listed in the Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators, and are registered with the courts in the Netherlands.

We work with specialist sworn translators.

  • Native-speaking sworn translators for every industry
  • First ISO 17100-certified translation agency in the Netherlands!
  • Translations into more than 35 languages

What are sworn translations?

Sworn translations are produced by a sworn translator for a specific language combination. Sworn translators take an oath before a court based on education and experience. They are then authorised to translate judicial documents.

Translation areas

Depending on the type of document and the country to which it is to be sent, an authority may require that the translation of a document be carried out by a sworn translator. This might be required fo documents such as:

  • Legal documents

  • Government documentation

  • Procedural documents

  • Articles of association

A declaration of authenticity What is legalisation of a translation?

You might be asked to provide a legalised translation. This also requires a declaration of the authenticity of the translator's signature. Between countries that have signed the Apostille Convention, this is done with an apostille that can be issued in the Netherlands by the clerks of district courts.

Once a translation has been sworn in, it has legal validity. Only a sworn translator can authenticate a translation with a stamp, signature and declaration stating that the translation is true to word and accurate.


Urgent translations on a daily basis

Our extensive network of professional and experienced translators are there whenever you need them. Feel free to ask us for your translations from and into all languages, even if you’re in a hurry.

We deliver urgent translations at lightning speed.

  • Professional native-speaking translators

  • First ISO 17100-certified translation agency in the Netherlands!

  • Always checked by a second linguist, even for urgent translations

  • Translations into more than 35 languages


Culture, sensitivities, technique and local language

Localisation means converting text to local conditions. Think of culture, sensitivities, technique and local language use in another country or region. Your text will be adapted to the needs and expectations of your foreign target group.

Translation areas
We localise many types of texts, including:

  • Contracts

  • Websites

  • Applications

  • Software

  • Manuals

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