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ISO 17100-certified

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Translations into more than 35 languages

A leading multilingual professional translation company Professional translations in all languages

We are a leading multilingual professional translation company, working with teams of professional translators both in-house and around the world. Our language teams consist of translation experts with a minimum of 5 years’ experience, translating only into their mother tongue.

We translate for various clients within a wide range of disciplines (and many subject areas). For each subject and/or specialism, we select skilled specialist translators and a second linguist reviews the translation afterwards.

We translate all types of documents, both standard and specialised, in more than 150 language combinations. Our ISO 17100:2015 certification guarantees that all our management procedures meet the highest standards in the translation industry.

Highly accurate translations of legal documents

Translation of economic and financial documents

Experienced translators specialised in the subject matter

Our 40 years of language experience is your sales success

Our government translators have an in-depth knowledge of government terminology

Sworn translations for all languauges

We are your trusted website translation agency

High quality software translation services by professional software translators

ISO-certified Quality in our services

Our ISO-certified working method means that an experienced proofreader, who has knowledge of the field to which the text relates, is selected for each text correction. Just like our translators, they work exclusively in their native language.

Specialist areas

In addition to specialising in a wide range of translation work, we are also the ultimate specialists in the following areas:

  • SEO translations

  • Website translations

  • Social media translations

  • PPC AdWords Translations

Translation technology

We work with advanced translation software and use customer-specific translation memories and terminology databases. A translation memory contains all the sentences we translate for a customer. If these sentences come back in a new order, they are automatically pre-translated. We use terminology databases to ensure consistency: fixed terminology is always translated in the same way.

The use of translation software has great advantages for you as a customer. The use of translation memories, especially for recurring orders, can ensure consistency in the translations, a considerably shorter turnaround time, lower translation costs and ultimately a higher quality. With a terminology database, we ensure that your texts are recognisable, clear and unambiguous.


Translationwork.eu delivers your file in any format. We can translate directly into your graphic document whilst retaining the original layout. We can also take into account the increase in the number of words when translating to another language.

After the translation, we ask you to have your graphic designer make a final proof correction, so that they can correct any typesetting errors immediately. The final layout is then in the hands of your contact person and after a final check by our translator, your brochure can be sent directly to the publisher. In this way, we work together to deliver a print-ready translated text.

Text correction - in all languages

Do you want to be sure that your written or translated texts are accurate in terms of spelling, punctuation, style, grammar and sentence structure? If so, have the texts revised by Translationwork.eu's language experts. Thanks to our global network of translators, revision is possible in all languages. You have come to the right place for revision work!

Copywriters / bloggers

Do you need a foreign-language text for your report, website, blog or brochure, but don't have a source text to translate? Or do you need language or region-specific content for your blog in another country? Depending on the language required and the subject in question, Translationwork.eu has many qualified copywriters ready to help you. We ensure that they are all experienced professionals who specialise in the subject in question.

Each written assignment is preceded by an extensive list. You need a written text that meets your communication needs and we want to hear more about this. On the basis of your wishes, requirements and ideas, we will then select a suitable writer for you and provide a general indication of the turnaround time and associated costs.

At home in all languages! What our customers think

Municipality Rotterdam
Municipality Rotterdam Government

“We are very satisfied with the responsiveness, customer-friendliness and professionalism of the employees. In addition, we think the price-quality ratio is excellent.”

Kikkerland Product Designers

"We have enjoyed working with Translationwork.eu for a number of years now. Always with a personal response and, of course, excellent quality. We say give it a try!"

Lidl Discount retailer

“We regularly have texts translated by Translationwork.eu. Every time, I am amazed at how quickly I get feedback on a translation request. It’s very pleasant to work with.”

Tui Nederland
Tui Nederland Travel Agency

“Translationwork.eu communicates quickly and clearly and the team is very flexible and supportive. No lengthy emails, just a phone call to explain something. Excellent quality translations and fast delivery.”

North Sea Port
North Sea Port Government company

“When we mail a request, Translationwork.eu always responds quickly. In the event of questions or if it concerns an urgent order, we always respond correctly and quickly.”

West Coast Supply Group
West Coast Supply Group Premium brands

“A very fine translation service provider with an eye for quality
and on-time delivery”

Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Europe
Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Europe Chemical company

“Thank you SO much! We really do appreciate your help. You
and your translators are amazing!!!”

Ovet Shipping
Ovet Shipping Logistics

“Thank you, we’ve received the translation – beautiful job. Wish you the best in your language business.”

Gigabyte Computer parts

“Thanks for your prompt translation service. We really appreciate it.”

Colart Supplier of artificial materials

“Your team is always quick to respond, friendly, and does great work, even when we have a tight deadline!”

Baker & McKenzie
Baker & McKenzie Multinational law firm

“Thank you for your prompt services – really appreciate it!”

RDW (the national vehicle and driving licence registration authority)
RDW (the national vehicle and driving licence registration authority) Government organisation

“Fast, professional and qualified!”

Legal translations

Legal translations

Need to translate legal documents? We are at your service with professional interpreters and skilled translators. We can also provide sworn translations.

Financial translations

Financial translations

More and more financial entrepreneurs make use of our specialists because of our care, reliability and speed.

Technical translations

Technical translations

Technical translation work is specialist work: it calls on the specific technical expertise of the translator and translation service provider.

Commercial translations

Commercial translations

Commercial translations require a lot of creativity – the target text must convince and persuade. We will arrange this for you.

Government translations

Government translations

Government communication requires correct, reliable information and a keen eye for detail. You can leave that to us.

Sworn translations

Sworn translations

We also provide sworn translations for every industry. Our translators deliver these with a declaration, stamp and signature.

Website translations

Website translations

Would you like to have your website professionally translated? Then go for the highest quality, knowing your SEO is in good hands with us.

Software translations

Software translations

A lot of software is written in English, but not everyone has a sufficient knowledge of this language. We translate your software products.


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